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“Be inspired—find your muse.” This was the idea that spawned two coffee concepts by Jackie Arceo and Julia Sevilla—women who want to make a difference, one cuppa joe at a time. Local Edition and Writer’s Block both offer the best locally produced coffee, but each one has its own unique sensibility. Aside from their love for coffee, these successful women were brought together by their passion to give service to the community with all the creativity they can muster.

Local Edition and Writer’s Block owners Jackie Arceo and Julia Sevilla recall how they started the business: “It was challenging but also exciting to be a local community café, amidst all the third wave cafés that were opening around us. But a strong belief in your concept and your brand takes this challenge as an opportunity and an exciting experience.”


As such, these coffee shops value community, local products, and creative inspiration. These three factors have helped in their mission to make Philippine coffee stand out amid imported and branded coffee. Jackie says they have been “serving local residents and offices within the neighborhood not only with the best food and coffee, but with a venue for engagement.” They are committed to using all-local beans from Atok, Benguet, Cavite, and Mountain Province, as well as other produce and ingredients from village markets.

“We use local beans because we wanted to uplift Philippine coffee amid the rising influx of specialty coffee from abroad. We have always supported local and locally made products, so it was just fitting that we use Philippine coffee beans,” Jackie Arceo stated.

Jackie likewise disclosed that they would like to be known as a source of inspiration, whether it’s from their concept, unique creative space, and their coherent and effortless execution. Their installations, in particular, change every two months as they collaborate with local artists.

Undaunted by all the coffee fads that come and go, both Jackie and Julia are even more excited with the opportunities that lie ahead. They said, “We focus on the community and the neighborhood around us—always seeking to serve excellent products excellently.”

“Some people may think that the sudden growth of the industry was or perhaps is a ‘fad’, but I strongly believe that this exact growth has opened people’s minds to a more educated idea of what coffee is and should be,” Jackie said. The presence of third wave and community cafés, such as Local Edition and Writer’s Block, is stirring up a promising future for the coffee scene.

Jackie added, “Behind every successful man is a woman, in this case, behind every successful woman can also be a woman. I think the rise of women empowerment will only strengthen the bond that the coffee players have—supporting each other, despite us all being in the same industry. Yes, it is a business, but we can still be friends, can’t we?

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