The Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) is a private sector-led group established in May 2002 as the National Coffee Development Board. In the same year, it was incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The goal of the PCBI is to develop and promote the Philippine coffee industry through technical assistance and credit programs for coffee farms; and through marketing and promotions of coffee for domestic and export markets.

Research/training, certification and credit programs are carried out in partnership with government agencies, cooperatives, foundations, NGOs, as well as regional and international partner organizations.

The PCBI also conducts a marketing and promotional program for Philippine coffee called Kape Isla. Kape Isla is intended for the use of the industry as a Philippine coffee quality seal.

For over 20 years, the PCBI conducts several classes led by instructors with decades of coffee experience and education. These courses range from short to intensive learning on coffee farming, nursery establishment, farm management, processing, roasting, brewing, cupping, being a barista, opening a café, and marketing to name a few.

PCBI spearheaded coffee farm tours, coffee events, and trade shows. Coffee Origins made fellow Filipinos try local coffees for free while they talk to farmers and community leaders from different regions. The National Coffee Summit gave an in-depth discussion of each year’s challenges and opportunities to make producers inspired and apply best practices shared by guest experts here and abroad.

With others following suit, PCBI innovated and trailblazed barista competitions to showcase local talent. During the pandemic, PCBI was also the first coffee group to do online classes, sent cupping kits, and uploaded YouTube videos on coffee farming.

To address the interest of the younger generation and to ensure the sustainability of the organization, a Philippine Coffee Youth Council was recently formed to be further trained by the board to be the next trustees active stewards of the industry.

The PCBI is composed of members from growers, millers, roasters, retailers, local government, and agriculture credit sectors.