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The Philippines’ coffee consumption is about 130,000 metric tons while its production is a mere 33,000 metric tons. The import bill amounts to billions that go to Vietnamese and Indonesian farmers instead of our own.

As coffee prices soar globally, the Filipino farmer must be the first and primary beneficiary. The solution is simple: plant coffee.

Plant Coffee, Pilipinas! is a nationwide sustainable planting program in cooperation with coffee farmers all over the country. It is a program led by the Philippine Coffee Board, a private sector-led coffee group established in 2002.

For as little as P600 per seedling, donors can choose which part of the Philippines they want their seedling to be planted, check their tree with just a few clicks on their mobile phone or laptop, and get a monthly email update from the farmer whom they will get to meet when it’s safe to travel already.

The farmers are PCBI network members and are monitored by PCBI for transparency. The harvest will be 100% owned by the farmers since it’s an adopt a tree not a farm. Donors can choose to put their name on it, their love one’s name on it, or their company’s name.

Donors can type their information to this link:

The list of origins, number of seedlings that they’d like to buy, and modes of payment are all stated there.

Anyone can be a part of it—consumer fellow farmer, OFW, etc. Plant Coffee, Pilipinas! will also give jobs to more coffee farmers.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing a fellow Filipino harvest and earn from those coffee cherries. You’ll help the environment, too.

Together, let’s work towards producing sustainable Philippine coffee!

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