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How to set up your own coffee shop

Join Enderun Extension as we welcome Ms. Chit Juan, one of the Philippines’ well-respected coffee experts and entrepreneurs. She shares trade secrets and professional insights from almost 20 years in the coffee brewing industry, valuable information for the passionate coffee enthusiast who wish to turn their passion into business.

Participants will learn about:

  • History of coffee, A quick run through of kinds of coffee, growing, roasting and brewing methods
  • Creating a business plan for your coffee shop
    (PNL Essentials, financing, marketing, etc)
  • Step by step instructions on how to get started
  • Resources to contact and how to start with minimal cost
  • How to get customers and turn profit
  • Trends in the industry
    (specifically Philippine Market)


A self-confessed brewed coffee lover, Chit has been drinking coffee since here youth, having come from a coffee-drinking family.

She founded Figaro Coffee Company in 1993 and wile at its helm she brought it from just a single store in Glorietta, Ayala Center to about 70 stores including 2 in China, one in Dubai and one in Hong Kong.

In 2008, she left Figaro and founded ECHOstore sustainable lifestyle. Today she concentrates on ECHOfarms sustainable harvests, growing organic vegetables alongside coffee; Le Bistro Vert serving sustainable food and Le Bistro sustainable coffees.

She is a founding trustee and President of the Philippine Coffee Board since 2002 and has dedicated most of her time to its mission of achieving self-sufficiency in coffee production by helping farmers live a better life through the crop.
She has authored three books on Coffee: “Kape” in 2002, “Barako: The Big Bean” in 2005 and “Introduction to Coffee” in 2007.

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