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Hearts On The Cup


Barista champion Vanessa Caceres reveals how to make latte art



  • espresso machine
  • fresh milk (cold)
  • coffee (medium to dark roast)
  • barista pitcher (with a narrow spout)
  • barista latte art pen


  1. Steam the milk at 150-160°F using an espresso machine to make a microfoam (also known as wet foam
    because of its liquid foam) in a barista pitcher.
  2. Get a wide coffee cup and fill 1/3 of it with coffee. Tilt the cup at a 45° angle. Start pouring the milk about 1cm from the cup’s side.
  3. Slowly but steadily pour two more milk, a few millimeters apart from each other and towards the center of the cup.
  4. Pour three more milk while you gently tilt the cup to almost its normal flat position.
  5. Add two more milk, going past the center when you hold the cup to its normal flat position.
  6. Finished Product: Pour the remaining milk towards you.


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