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On the invitation of the Bohol Coffee and Cacao Farmers Marketing Group, the Philippine Coffee Board Inc (PCBI) brought their Chair Nicholas Matti to train farmers in Coffee Nursery Maintenance and also in Pick Red Harvest of their Premium Robusta Coffees.

With the support of Landbank of the Philippines (LBP), the PCBI has been conducting Pick Red coffee tours in Bohol since 2012, before the big earthquake which hit Bohol and caused damage to many farms. Four years later, Matti noticed the consciousness of Bohol farmers about quality. “We were pleasantly surprised that they practiced what we taught them back in 2012,” he declares.

At a meeting in the Vice Governor’s office, farmers brought their coffee samples to show to PCBI. “We’re happy the women are very involved,” says Chit Juan, President of PCBI and women empowerment advocate. The women (and men) brought red ripe cherries to show the mentors.

“Now, we will teach you proper processing,” Matti says. For those without water, a natural method without need for water was taught to the farmers.

Bohol is now exploring its highlands where the variety Arabica can also grow. Meanwhile, gourmet Robusta is sure to come your way because these farmers have revived the coffee industry in Bohol.

Pick Red is a project of PCBI since 2012 where farmers are taught the value of waiting for coffee to ripen on the tree before it is harvested or plucked from the branches. Unlike other fruits, immature coffee fruits will never ripen even if you wait forever. They must be harvested only when ripe. Thus, the campaign, PICK RED.

PCBI and LBP, with the support also of Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF), continue the mission of travelling around the country to teach farmers and raise the consciousness for quality coffee.


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