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The ASEAN FLAVOR SPHERE was launched during Vietnam Coffee Day and the Vietnam Coffee Conference last Dec 10-11, 2022 in Hanoi. All attendees were given a small poster copy as a souvenir. The file can also be downloaded for free from the ASEAN Coffee Institute site.

In Manila, the sphere was also introduced informally via social media, with The Brew Tonight host Ros Juan interviewing Victor Leong, one of the lead trainors of the ASEAN Coffee Federation’s institute. Victor and Ros discussed how timely the launch of the Flavor sphere is, considering the growing number of coffee cuppers and tasters in ASEAN and the rest of Asia.

“There are flavors you cannot find in western models,” says Juan. Leong echoes the sentiments of cuppers who would like producers and farmers to be able to associate the taste of their coffees with fruits or flavors in their milieu or environment. “You need to be conscious when eating different food and identifying exotic Asian flavors,” says Leong. “With today’s lifestyles people rush through eating, but we must focus to observe flavor changes,” he continues.

The time has come for flavors like Tamarind and Chico to be included in such a flavor reference chart. Even pandan as a flavor nuance is part of the ASEAN flavor sphere. Asian cuppers and tasters will now have a deeper more complex analysis of their coffees, and relate such flavors to everyday food and beverage available in their local scene.

To download the ASEAN Coffee Flavor Sphere visit the ASEAN Coffee Institute.

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