Kape Isla logoKape Isla Certification
The Kape Isla Trademark is owned by the Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. and has been registered with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) since 2002. It is the seal which has earned its reputation for excellent Philippine coffee here and abroad. The seal assures the consumer of quality and the licensees’ or users’ pursuit of excellence in achieving exceptional quality for Philippine coffee.

Why use the Kape Isla seal?
It is the guarantee that you support Philippine coffee and its development. Either through the purchase of local beans or through sponsorship of events, your establishment will gain a following because of your advocacy.

Where do I buy local coffee?
We will endorse you to farmers, cooperatives, and direct sources as much as possible.

What activities can I be involved in?
Some of the activities you can participate in are the annual twin events: COFFEE ORIGINS and the NATIONAL COFFEE SUMMIT. Aside from these two events, we conduct learning sessions and coffee appreciation tours.

How do I get the seal?
Upon submission of your Application Form, you will be evaluated by the Committee assigned to the Certification process. You will be included in our Online Directory (as soon as your account is validated) and in our printed directory which comes out at least once a year.

What will my classification be?
We have several classifications of who may use the brand on their marketing paraphernalia (e.g. collaterals like posters, signages, etc.)

  • Merchant/Retailer
  • Roaster
  • Processor
  • Farmer