The Ultimate Coffee Guide

Pillars of Philippine Coffee

Volume XI, Issue 2, 2018

It’s our 16th year as an industry organization, and we’re seeing the next generation of coffee advocates coming soon to continue our work. Before us, however, there were already quite a few important people who valiantly carried on and promoted Philippine coffee across the ocean.

The Asuncions of Cavite, for example, had already shipped coffee to the U.S. Pacific northwest. Meanwhile, Ernest Escaler fought for the recognition of the country as a coffee producer in London’s ICO headquarters.

Here back home, we have the Mercados and the Silvas carrying on an active trade of Baraco and other local coffee varieties in Batangas and beyond. This started in the 1940s and became even more active in the 1970s.

And all that coffee in the Cordillera? There’s a professor who thought it would be wise to propagate coffee in Benguet’s pine-forested areas. It’s the coffee we’re now enjoying from the highlands in the north.

These visionaries did their jobs without the thought of incentives or rewards―only so we’d have the many coffee varieties we have today, and so the Filipinos’ interest in the coffee business would grow.

This is why we celebrate these people―for without their work, coffee would have been just a weak brew in our country. Thanks to their efforts, though, the Philippine coffee business remains robust, perky, and ever-exciting.

Congratulations to the winners of the First Coffee Cup of Distinction Awards!