The Ultimate Coffee Guide

Coffee Education

Volume XI, Issue 1, 2018

It is our third special issue for Women in Coffee and every March we hope we can continue this contribution to women’s efforts in farming coffee and producing quality beans.

We note that over the last two years we have met so many women producers in our summits, cupping classes, seminars, and training sessions. It sounds new all the time but we love telling them the important role they play in producing specialty coffee from Arabicas to Fine Robustas.

And though coffee is for all producers―both male and female, young and old―we note that women make good cuppers or tasters because of a biological advantage, having more sensory glands or taste buds on their tongue than the males. Now that’s something women should take advantage of and they should continue to perfect their skills in tasting coffees.

This time, we are also highlighting the women farmers overseas through our participation in several international events; Cafe Asia in Singapore in March, Specialty Coffee Expo 2018 in Seattle, Washington in April, and THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand in late May. Samples of green coffee and roasted coffee beans will be taken to these shows so the world may know what Phlippine coffee tastes like. Though we hardly have enough for domestic use, we believe that market demand will drive our farmers to plant more for the world to drink and enjoy.

So, enjoy this issue as you follow our journery of bringing our women farmers to the world’s stage of specialty coffees.